Part of my display May 7 & 8

tett offerings

Sterling silver earrings, hammered copper disc earrings, bezel-set ring, spinner ring, wrapped silver wire ring, enamel and copper earrings, sterling silver necklaces, copper dangle earrings, pendant with Lake Ontario stone and three charms.

tett table w folks

Also had on hand: more hammered copper earrings, green leaf enamel earrings, poppy seed pod earrings (on manequin),  sterling silver bar necklace, a variety of rings and pendants.

logo shot

A real conversation starter: the elegant wood card holder which other vendors were quite keen on! You can see it better in the previous picture.


2 thoughts on “Part of my display May 7 & 8

    • great lake suze says:

      Thank you. Interesting question. Some people know their ring size, many don’t. As a very general guideline your ring size roughly corresponds with your glove size which can even be similar to one’s shoe size.
      But you can get a more accurate reading from a local jeweller.


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